Canada and 
Its Trading Partners
Trading Partners

- identify some of Canada's major trading partners
- identify the countries to which Canada exports goods
- identify the countries from which Canada imports goods
Mathematics - Data Management 
- recognize that different types of graphs can represent the same data differently
-make inferences and convincing arguments bases on the analysis of tables, charts and graphs

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Use data from Statistics Canada to complete the table.

Imports and Exports by Country or Country Grouping

Canada's Imports and Exports of Products and Goods (2007)

Country or Group

Exports ($ millions) Imports ($ millions)
United States   .
United Kingdom   .
Other EEC   .
Other OECD   .
Other countries   .

What does EEC stand for? ________________________________________________

What does OECD stand for? ______________________________________________

To complete the activity, you will need to make double bar and pie graphs of this data.

To learn how to do this using ClarisWorks/AppleWorks, click HERE.

1. Make a double bar graph of the data and then use the graph to answer the  following questions.

a. What is an obvious conclusion from the graph? ________________________________


b. With what country is our export and import trade most "balanced"? ________________

c. Compare our "balance of trade" with the United States to that of our other trading partners.






2. Make a pie graph of the export data and then use the graph to answer the following questions.

a. Does this graph support the conclusion from question 1 a? _________________________

b. Is it more or less effective in representing that conclusion?  Why? ____________________