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Making A Double Bar Graph

Instructions for making  a double bar graph with AppleWorks (ClarisWorks).

1. Open a new AppleWorks word processing document.

2. From the Format menu, select Document.  Change all margins to .5 in.

3. From the File menu, select Print Setup and click in the circle beside Landscape.

4. From the Window menu, select Show Tools.

5. Click on the Spreadsheet tool .

6. Move the mouse to the document and draw the outline for the spreadsheet (data table).  Your table needs 3 columns and 8 rows.  (You can resize the spreadsheet by clicking and dragging the handles after you have created it.)

7. To enter information into the cells, click on the cell, type the information and then press the Enter key.

8. Set up your table as follows and then enter the data.

To make the graph;

9. Highlight all of the cells (click and drag from A1 to C8).

10. From the Options menu, select Make Chart.

11. Click on Bar, then click on the checkmark beside Color.

12. Click OK.

13. Drag the graph to the edge of the page and then click and drag the handles to resize the graph so it fills the available space.

14. Print and/or save your work according to your teacher's instructions.