Space Academy

Space Technology

Science; Earth and Space Systems
- describe how humans have improved the tools and techniques used in space exploration
- explain how astronauts meet their basic needs in space
- identify the technological tools and devices needed for space exploration
- recognize problems arising from space exploration
- identify the ways in which the development of materials and technology for space exploration has led to the use of new technologies and materials on earth
Language; Writing
- accurately use appropriate organizers
- integrate media materials into their writing to enhance their message
Language; Oral & Visual Communication
- demonstrate the ability to concentrate by identifying main points and staying on topic
- use the conventions of oral language, and of the various media, that are appropriate to the grade level
- create a variety of media works

  A Link to Learning web-based student learning activity

Suggested Research Topics

Hubble Space Telescope
Lunar Rover
space food
personal life support systems
communication satellite
space shuttle
"space junk"
International Space Station

After researching your topic using the resources suggested by your teacher (including the web pages listed below), prepare a presentation to your class that answers the following questions about your topic.

1. What is it?

2. What is its significance to space exploration?

3. When was it first discovered/invented/developed?

4. What is its future in space exploration?

Use diagrams and graphics where appropriate and keep the presentation brief but clear.

Some web sites to "launch" your research

Star Child
NASA (for students Gr. 5-8)
Canadian Space Agency - KidSpace
Liftoff to Space Exploration (NASA)