Space Academy


Science; Earth and Space Systems
- construct a device that could have been used to tell time before mechanical clocks were invented
Language; Reading
- use conventions of written materials to help them understand and use the materials
- select appropriate reading strategies

  A Link to Learning web-based student learning activity

Read about sundials and how they work at;

Construct your own sundial using the instructions and the template provided at;

Be prepared to explain to your teacher how the sundial works.


Based on what you have read and your experience with your own sundial, answer the following questions.

1. When doesn't a sundial work? __________________________________________________

2. Does your sundial match your watch time? __________

Why? ________________________________________________________________________

3. Why don't we use local solar time instead of time zones in our everyday lives? ________________



4. Why didn't the ancient Egyptians use watches instead of sundials and obelisks?  ______________