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These web-based student learning activities are based on the Ontario curriculum and are formatted to be "printer -friendly" so they can be used as recording sheets by students as well as providing direct links to the web pages.
Answer keys are available to teachers by using the Contact page.
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Space Academy

Grade 6 Science, Language, and Mathematics

Solar System        (also available as a Word document  solarsystem.doc)
Find unique facts about the planets in our solar system and play two on-line games that test your knowledge.
Learn about other objects in our solar system and use a data chart to do some "Planet Math".

Investigations        (also available as a Word document  investigations.doc)
Use X-Y scatter graphs to determine the relationships between various characteristics of planets.

Constellations Myths        (also available as a Word document  constellations.doc)
Read the constellation myths of 4 early civilizations and then try to match the myths with the constellations.
Print a current star chart and use it to help identify constellations in the night sky.

Constellation Plot  (not web-based)
Plot coordinates on graph paper to produce the shapes of some well-known constellations.

Lunar Studies        (also available as a Word document  lunar.doc)
Learn about the surface of the moon and its phases in the night sky.
Determine the phase of the moon on the day you were born!

Eclipses        (also available as a Word document  eclipses.doc)
Identify why eclipses occur and compare the two types of eclipses. 

Sundials        (also available as a Word document  sundials.doc)
Learn about the history of sundials and how they work.
Make your own sundial - template and instructions provided.

Seasons         (also available as a Word document  seasons.doc)
What is a solstice?  What is an equinox?  How are these related to seasons?

Canadian Astronauts         (also available as a Word document  astronauts.doc)
Research the biographies of our Canadian astronauts and see if they have any common characteristics.

Problems in Space        (also available as a Word document  problems.doc)
What essential equipment would you take on a survival mission on the moon?  Compare your choices with the experts'.

Space Technology        (also available as a Word document  technology.doc)
Research a topic dealing with space technology and present your information to the class.  
Four guiding questions help focus your research.

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