Space Academy

Constellation Plot

Science; Earth and Space Systems
- recognize major constellations visible at night and describe the origins of their names
Math; Geometry and Spatial Sense
- demonstrate an understanding of coordinates in a Cartesian plane in the first quadrant and plot points

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Use graph paper and plot these coordinates to make the star patterns of each constellation.

Ursa Major: (M,37); (Q,34); (R,34); (U,33); (W,35); (Z,32); (X,30).

Ursa Minor: (R,17); (O,18); (N,20); (M,22); (K,22); (L,25); (N,25).

Draco: (B,33); (C,30); (E,32); (D,34); (B,24); (C,22); (F,24); (G,22); (G,28); (G,30); (I,31);

(N,30); (R,27); (U,27).

Cepheus: (G,6); (E,10); (I,12); (J,8); (O,11).

Cassiopeia: (L,1); (K,4); (O,4); (S,5); (R,2).