Space Academy

Constellations Myths

Science; Earth and Space Systems
- recognize major constellations visible at night and describe the origins of their names
Language; Reading
- summarize and explain the main ideas in information materials and cite details that support the main ideas
- make judgments and draw conclusions about ideas in written materials on the basis of evidence

  A Link to Learning web-based student learning activity

Activity 1

This activity is based on the Star Art web page.

Read the 4 constellation myths and try to match the star charts to the myths.

Record how many of your interpretations match the traditional interpretations.

Matches: ______________


Activity 2

Print an Evening Sky Map from  (or receive a copy from your teacher).

This is now a homework assignment.   Use the chart to view and identify constellations on the next clear night.

List all the constellations you identified.   _____________________________________________