Growth and Changes in Plants
Plant Parts

- identify the major parts of the plant and describe their basic functions
- explain how different features of plants help them survive

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Detective LePlant needs your help to solve the mystery of plant life! To solve this case, you must identify the different parts of plants, what each part does, and how plants grow. Good luck!

The mystery begins at the following web site.

Today we will focus on the parts of plants.

If you need to learn about plant parts, you can click on the link to Plant Parts under the Facts of the Case.

If you have already learned about the parts of plants with your teacher, then you can go ahead and try to solve Mystery #1, "What are the Parts of Plants?"


What are the Parts of Plants?

Record the correct answers here.

____________________     Carries water and food through the plant.

____________________     Carries and protects the seed.

____________________     Allows the plant to reproduce.

____________________     Helps the plant to produce seeds.

____________________     Made of the blade and the petiole.

____________________     Take up nutrients and water.




Continue to the next section about where each plant part is located.

Label the diagram.