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Books3.gif (3157 bytes) Reading

Skill Development

Learn to Read at Starfall

Between the Lions: Games   (primary)

Game Goo - 13 interactive games covering a range of skills from letter recognitions to antonyms/synonyms (Primary)

Digby Mole's Word Activities - Matching, Rhymes, First Letters  (uses Shockwave) (Primary)

Story Bear - 3 interactive stories  (uses Shockwave) (Primary)

Kidport - Select your grade and then click on the Language Arts button.  This site uses the Shockwave plugin.  (Primary)

Words and Pictures  These games and activities will make learning phonics fun. Produced by BBC Education. (Primary)

Storyline Online - The Screen Actors Guild Foundation is proud to bring you Storyline Online, an on-line streaming video program featuring SAG members reading children's' books aloud. (Primary, Junior)

The Reading Rangers from TVOKids (Primary, Junior)

Billy Bear's Cookies - the "kind" hangman game (Primary, Junior)

Same Difference - a game to practise your knowledge of synonyms and antonyms. (requires Shockwave)  (Primary, Junior)

Story Elements - Test Tutor - an interactive reading activity  (Primary, Junior)

Elements of a Story is an interactive Web site where students can learn about different literary "ingredients" that make up a story. After watching and listening to an interactive version of "Cinderella," students will learn about various elements that are common to all stories: setting, characters, plot, exposition, conflict, climax, and resolution. (Primary, Junior)

Plot Diagram - an interactive on-line tool to summarize a plot (Junior, Intermediate)

Literary Elements Map - an interactive graphic organizer to "map" character, setting, conflict, and resolution,  (Junior, Intermediate)

ReviseWise Reading - from BBC Education.  Practise and test your skills in the following reading areas; Deduction, Poetry, Non-Fiction (Junior)

Reading, Viewing and Listening Strategies - These videos show groups of students as they learn a number of reading, viewing, and listening strategies. The students learn how to analyze literary techniques, learn research skills, and use their personal experiences and interests in responding to texts. The resource offers four learning levels; how-to tips and student worksheets are also included.  (Junior, Intermediate)

Writing Den - many reading and writing activities for the Junior and Intermediate student.

Literature - What Makes a Good Short Story?  Join a  journey through a classic short story, "A Jury of Her Peers," by Susan Glaspell. Along the way, you'll solve the mystery of whether Minnie Wright killed her husband and explore the story's literary elements. You will also encounter rest stops where you can read more about the structure of story and take part in activities related to "A Jury of Her Peers".  (Junior, Intermediate)

On-line Books and Stories

Bembo's Zoo - An on-line animal picture book.  Click on a letter of the alphabet and watch an animal form on your screen made from the the letters in the name of the animal!  You have to see it to believe it!  (requires Shockwave)

Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By   "Kid-tested, kid-approved collection of folk & fairy tales based on themes of human values."   (Primary, Junior)

Children's Storybooks Online  This site has many stories at different grade levels that children can read.  (Primary, Junior, Intermediate)

Pinky's Podcast - from the TV show, Pinky Dinky Doo - download or view an episode online

Aesop's Fables created by John R. Long, contains an alphabetically arranged collection of over 654 online fables for grades 4-12. Each tale includes the moral of the story and many are presented on RealAudio. The site also offers online the 127 fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. (Junior, Intermediate)

Authors & Books - brings teens info and features about their favorite authors, books, series and characters

Book Discussion Guides - from the Multnomah County Library

Scholastic Canada: Kids - Scholastic's site for students with links to information about books and authors

Book Central - Scholastic's American site for students

All About Authors - from Scholastic

Children's Authors and Illustrators on the Web - a section of the Children's Literature Web Guide (last update seems to be April 2001 so there may be some broken links)

Author Jan Brett's Home Page - free activities, coloring pages, and projects

The Hole Truth - A Unit Study Based on Louis Sachar's Novel, Holes, Winner of the National Book Award and the Newbery Award
Rat Tales - A Unit Study Based on Robert C. O' Brien's Newbery Award-Winning Book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Picturing A Canadian Life - L.M. Montgomery's Personal Scrapbooks and Book Covers  (English and French)

Shakespeare - Subject to Change - a Cable in the Classroom website - "Come with us as we explore how the printing, editing and directing of his plays makes Shakespeare: Subject to Change."

Book Awards

Ontario Library Association Book Awards - "A Forest of Reading"

American Library Association Awards       The John Newbery Medal           The Caldecott Medal


Encyclopedia Mythica   An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore and legend.  (Junior, Intermediate)

The Children's Literature Web Guide  Internet resources related to books for children and young adults. (last update seems to be April 2001 so there may be some broken links)

Penclred.gif (4269 bytes)  Writing

On-line Writing Tools & Graphic Organizers   Stapleless Book  Timeline Tool   Comic Creator   Story Mapping   Plot Diagram  Bio-Cube   Literary Elements Map  Mystery Cube  Persuasion Map  Graphic Map  Outline Tool   Webbing Tool  Printing Press (create a brochure, newspaper, booklet, or flyer)     My Brochure Maker

EasyBib: Free Automatic Bibliography Composer - cite references quickly and correctly!

Keyboarding (Typing)
Dance Mat Typing (from BBC Schools)            SenseLang Touch Typing Program

Skill Development

Spelling Bee Contestants -- that's you! -- in grades 1-8 will listen to three stories, one at a time, and then spell words from each story. (Primary)

Wall of Words - Construct simple sentences (5 or 7 words) to build a wall. (uses Shockwave) (Primary) 

Power Proofreading - for all grades.  A fun way to practise your proofreading skills.  (uses Shockwave)
(Teachers - this is a great alternative to the old Perfect Copy computer program.)  Click HERE for a tracking sheet to record student work.

Proofreading Makes Perfect - an interactive guide to finding and correcting mistakes in grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation. Practice exercises keep your proofreading skills sharp. (identified as a grade 4 activity)

Spellits - from BBC Schools - Designed for 7 - 11 year olds, this website offers interactive online activities and printable resources which teach spelling strategies, rules and patterns.

Look Cover Write and Check - an interactive version of this process to learn how to spell words - "Topic" words from Science, Geography, Numbers and Time are available as well as words that follow a certain spelling pattern.

Go For Grammar Gold - interactive lessons and quizzes for grades 1 through 5

Multimedia Grammar Glossary - for grades 1 through 5

Fern's Poetry Club - from the PBS web site for 'Arthur'  (Primary)

Grammar Practice Park - activities for grades 3, 4 and 5

Pronoun Clubhouse - an on-line game - As you fill in the blanks with the correct pronouns, you build a house.

Writing Fix - "If you have ever found yourself having to write...but were unsure what to write about...our interactive writing games have been designed to stimulate your brain." (Junior)

Writing Detective - Explaining a Process - an interactive lesson and quiz (Junior)

Magnetic Poetry  Arrange the tiles to build your own poem! Inspired by the Magnetic Poetry® Kit  (Primary, Junior, Intermediate)

Funny Poetry for Children - Learn how to write nursery rhymes, limericks, list poems, and more! Fill-in-the-blank poems, poetry theater, and more! You and your friends can perform poetry plays with popular and funny poems.

ReviseWise Writing - from BBC Education - Practise and test your skills in the following areas; Planning a Story, Beginnings and Endings of Stories, Writing Instructions, Writing Letters, Writing Leaflets (Junior)

ReviseWise Spelling - from BBC Education. Practise and test your skills in the following areas; Compound and Complex Sentences, Spellings, Adjectives and Verbs (Junior)

Millennium Mystery Madness - a history of mysteries and a guide to writing good mystery stories.  (A Junior Thinkquest project.)

Exploring Language - The students in these videos explore the creative use of language as it relates to the writing process. Professional writers offer commentaries on expression, inspiration, influences, writing techniques, poetry, and songwriting. The resource offers four learning levels; how-to tips and student worksheets are also included. - from Learn Alberta  (Junior, Intermediate)

Comparison and Contrast Guide - a guide to writing a comparison and contrast paper (Junior, Intermediate)

Creating and Enhancing Text - These videos feature students working in groups as they plan and create texts for various purposes: writing a narrative about heroism; creating articles for a school e-zine; preparing a report on the needs of youth; and developing proposals for summer jobs. Moreover, the students learn how to identify genres, revise and edit their work, and use specific techniques and elements of style to achieve their purposes. The resource offers four learning levels; how-to tips and student worksheets are also included. (Junior, Intermediate)

Researching and Making Presentations - This resource features videos of students demonstrating several aspects of the research and presentation process: focusing in on a topic; finding, evaluating and organizing research information; deciding among various presentation formats, and considering ways to make their presentations engaging for their audiences. The resource offers four learning levels; how-to tips and student worksheets are also included. (Junior, Intermediate)

Building and Celebrating Community - In these videos, students plan and create texts for various scenarios: a heritage minute, a documentary, an advertisement, and a scene from a screenplay. Students also use language to brainstorm ideas, share their perspectives, set group goals, deal with conflict, and work together as a community of learners. The resource offers four learning levels; how-to tips and student worksheets are also included. (Junior, Intermediate)

Literary Devices - definitions and examples of literary devices such as allegory, alliteration, irony, metaphor, sarcasm, satire and many more. 

The Biography Maker  "is like those homework machines we have been hearing about for many years. It is designed to help you convert facts into insights, dull and boring information into fascination and magic. It will help you do a good job, but you must provide some of the "steam" to make it work well."  (Junior, Intermediate)

Rhyming Dictionary  Type in your word and all the words that rhyme magically appear!  (Junior, Intermediate)

Word Central - from the publishers of the Merriam-Webster dictionary   (Junior, Intermediate) (banner advertising)

Wacky Web Tales is a fun resource that reinforces students' skill at identifying parts of speech.  Students select a story then fill in parts of speech in the designated fields.  They submit their completed forms and a "wacky" story is returned.  (Remember "MadLibs"?)  (Junior, Intermediate)

Writing Den - many reading and writing activities for the Junior and Intermediate student.

Guide to Grammar and Writing   - online "lessons" explaining various grammar rules and problems. Material is categorized in levels -- "Sentence Level," "Paragraph Level," and "Essay Level" -- each with subtopics covering specific grammatical concepts. The site includes online quizzes for most lessons (or the quizzes can be printed out for offline use).   (Junior, Intermediate)

Research Rocket - How to Do Research - from the Kentucky Virtual Library  (Junior, Intermediate)

Citation Machine - an interactive Web tool designed to assist in correctly citing resources used in research papers.

Media Literacy

Media Awareness Network - educational games - grades 3 through 8 - internet privacy, critical thinking, target advertising, prejudice/hate

Don't Buy It - from PBS Kids -"media literacy web site for young people that encourages users to think critically about media and become smart consumers"

NetSmartz Kids - an interactive, educational safety resource that uses age-appropriate, 3-D activities to teach children how to stay safer on the Internet.

NetSmartz Teens

Media Literacy Project - See what media literacy skills can do for children, youth and adults. Learn the language of persuasion, how to deconstruct media, and more. (appropriate for junior/intermediate grades)

Understanding Media - a wide array of resources to help you understand the way media works, and how you can become an active consumer of media. Be sure to check out the podcasts and videos in the Multimedia section.


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