The Special (Kindergarten) Page


PEEP and the Big Wide World
Memory Lane    House Hunt   Sounds Like Fun!    Trash Stash    Which Fish?    Bunny Balance
Hide and Peep    Hop To It!    Paint Splat   
Where's Quack?

This is Daniel Cook

Learn to Read at Starfall

Bob the Builder - letter, shape and number activities

TVOKids PreSchoool (The Nook)

Nina the Naming Newt       Leo the Letter-loving Lobster     Reggie the Rhyming Rhino  
from Building Language for Literacy by Scholastic

Paw Park - Sassy Seals - beginning sounds

Paw Park - Kangaroo Confusion - upper/lower case letters

TumbleTown Tales from TVOKids

Tina's World - follow 3 step instructions

Clifford the Dog - Phonics Fun for Early Readers

Literacy Center - Upper/Lowercase Letters, Shapes, Numbers, Words, Colours, Printing, Keyboard Skills (uses Flash 5)

The Learning Planet - Number Train, 123 Order, Count Your Chickens, Alphabet Action, ABC Order, Mr. E's Memory Game, Rats!  (uses Shockwave)  (banner advertising!)

Digby Mole's Word Activities - Matching, Rhymes, First Letters  (uses Shockwave)

Alien Scavenger Hunt - catch the Letter Bugs to create words

Paw Park - Alphabet Bears - alphabetical order

Story Bear - 3 interactive stories  (uses Shockwave)

Math Advantage Learning Site  - 4 activities on sorting, musical patterns, shapes, and counting - from Harcourt Publishers  (uses Shockwave)

ABCD Watermelon - type the missing letter from the alphabet

Fuzzy Lion Ears type the missing first letter from a word 
Fuzzy 1    Fuzzy 2    Fuzzy 3    Fuzzy 4    Fuzzy 5    Fuzzy 6

Gawain's Word - choose the initial sounds to make rhyming words
Sir Ack, Sir An, Sir Ap, Sir Ar, Sir Est, Sir Ick, Sir Ig, Sir Ip, Sir It, Sir Ock, Sir Op, Sir Ub, Sir Uck, Sir Ug

Kidport Math - Numbers, Sequencing, How Many?, Shapes, Same or different, Taller or Shorter, Number Sentences, Addition, Subtraction

Kidport Language - Missing Alphabets, Letters and Pictures, Letter Blends, Missing Letters, Unscramble Words, Dot-to-Dot, Letter Maze, Children's Literature, Story Creator, Poem Creator

Build a Snowman - dress a snowman using the mouse.

Animal Puzzles - click and drag the pieces into place. BEAR  CAMEL  CHIMP  ELEPHANT  GIRAFFE  HIPPO  KOALA  LION  POLAR BEAR  RHINO  TIGER  ZEBRA

Play I Spy - based on the popular books (a parent or older child may need to help)



Teachers and Parents

Learn Letters teaches children to know and make the 26 letters of the alphabet. Using the shapes the letters have in common, the child is guided as he combines shapes to make the lower case letters of the alphabet.

Letter Sounds is a free program that provides young children an introduction to the idea of letter sounds and phonics. Children drag a picture to the letter that the word that describes the picture starts with.