Healthy Eating
Grade 4

- analyse over a period of time, their own food selections, including food purchases and determine whether or not they are healthy choices

  A Link to Learning web-based student learning activity

1. This activity uses the MyPyramid Blast Off game.

Follow the instructions to fill up your fuel tank and battery.
After you have a successful "Blast Off", go to your Mission Report and print your menu.


2. This next activity uses the Monster Nutrition game of the Nutrition Explorations web site.

Mungo eats everything in his path, and he needs your help making healthy food choices.

Feed Mungo! Grab and throw foods from the conveyor belt.

If you can feed him foods from the Food Guide Pyramid FAST and answer questions about the foods, nutrition and the Pyramid, you will increase your score.

Record your score here. _____________________