Web-Based Student Learning Activity

These web-based student learning activities are based on the Ontario curriculum and are formatted to be "printer -friendly" so they can be used as recording sheets by students as well as providing direct links to the web pages.
Answer keys are available to teachers by using the Contact page.
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    Healthy Living

Grade 3

Healthy Eating                   (also available as Word document   healthy_eating_3.doc)
What helps to keep your body healthy?

Grade 4

Healthy Eating                  (also available as Word document   healthy_eating_4.doc)
Do you make healthy food choices?
Growth and Development                 (also available as Word document   growth_4.doc)
Go "Out on a Limb" and follow a Guide to Getting Along
Substance Use and Abuse                 (also available as Word document   substance_4.doc)
What exactly is in a cigarette and what are the effects of smoking?

Grade 5

Healthy Eating - Activity 1           (also available as Word document   healthy_eating_5a.doc)
What are the main nutrients found in each of the food groups and how do they help our bodies?
Healthy Eating - Activity 2            (also available as Word document   healthy_eating_5b.doc)
Play games of hangman to find out about essential nutrients for our good health.

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