Grade 7 Geography

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Natural Resources around the World: Use and Sustainability

Physical Patterns in a Changing World

National Geographic Map Machine - Generate physical and human geography thematic maps.

Physical environment influence locations and patterns of human settlement - an online presentation

Dutch river defences in historical perspective - by an environmental historian based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Land Use, Climate Change Adaptation and Indigenous Peoples - from the United Nations University

How do people adapt to climate change? - from

Human biological adaptability -from the Behavioral Sciences Department, Palomar College

Climate Change in Canada - (English and French) - from Natural Resources Canada

Weather and Climate Change - from the UK Environmental Change Network

Climate Change (from the Environment Canada)   (version franšaise)

A Student's Guide to Global Climate Change - from the US Environmental Protection Agency

Climate Change - from EcoKids Online - topics include; Climate Change: An Introduction, EcoClimates of Canada, Eco-files: The Case of the Warming Planet, Climate Change Quizzes, and more!

DRIED OUT - Confronting the Texas Drought - excellent examples of interactive maps and graphs used to interpret and analyse data

Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts Viewer - Being able to visualize potential impacts from sea level rise is a powerful teaching and planning tool, and the Sea Level Rise Viewer brings this capability to coastal communities. A slider bar is used to show how various levels of sea level rise will impact coastal communities.

Types of Land - from Harcourt School Publishers

Web-based Interactive Landform Simulation Model (WILSIM) is designed to help you better understand landform evolution

Plate Tectonics - a good summary,based on plate boundary types

Understanding Plate Motions - from the US Geological Survey

Plate Tectonics and People - from the US Geological Survey

Topo Maps: Frequently Asked Questions - from Natural Resources Canada

Motions of the Ocean - from National Earth Science Teachers Association

World Climates - by Blue Planet Biomes

Climate Classification and Climatic Regions of the World - very detailed - includes climate graphs

Interactive World Climate Map and Climate Graphs

Natural Vegetation Regions of the World - an interactive map - click on a region to see a photographic example

The World's Biomes


Natural Resources around the World: Use and Sustainability

The Challenge of Environmentally Sustainable Development in Africa - from Africare

Sustainable Development and Natural Resources - from Natural Resources Canada

Advancing Global Prosperity Through Responsible Resource Development - from Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

Human Appropriation of the World's Fresh Water Supply - from the University of Michigan

The Story of Water - includes information about the water cycle, use, conservation, quantity and quality (from EcoKids)

Water Conservation Around the House - from EcoKids

Great Lakes - "Working Towards and Healthy and Sustainable Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem" - by Environment Canada  (version franšaise)

The Watershed Game   Would you make the best decisions in managing a watershed? Examine the issues in each area of the watershed, then see the impacts of your choices!

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