Grade 5 Science and Technology

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Matter   Energy   Forces   Weather

Human Organ Systems

Math Hunt Game - The Human Body   - a journey to five web sites about the human body. At each stop, use the facts you find to solve a math question.  (from Scholastic)

Human Body - another excellent interactive site from the BBC

Human Body - click on the "Mr. Bones" activity to learn how the human skeleton and the muscles work.

Organ System Game from Kinetic City web site

Inside the Human Body - The Respiratory System - from the Canadian Lung Association

How the Body Works From Shockwave plug-in)  This site has animated presentations about the Circulatory, Digestive and Respiratory Systems but the information is not very detailed. 

Body Systems - from Discovery Kids

Canada's Food Guide This site presents complete information about the Food Guide and how to use it.  (version française)

Properties of and Changes in Matter

The following pages are from BBC Education's ReviseWise Science - Materials site.
Solids, Liquids and Gases;  Activity,    Fact Sheets,    Test
Changing StateActivity,   Fact Sheet,   Test 
Changes in MaterialActivity,   Fact Sheet,   Test

Changes of State - from BBC Schools

Solids and Liquids - from BBC Schools

Reversible and Irreversible Changes - from BBC Schools

Mission Material - You may need to check out the Illustrated Materials Database before trying the "mission"

What is Matter?   The content closely matches the Ontario curriculum although it is obviously a grade 4 unit in the United States.

Interactive Physics Modules - Matter -   use of this site requires the Shockwave plug-in.  

Teachers! Link to a teaching idea for this topic.

Conservation of Energy

Energy Street Help design a street that conserves as much energy as possible, yet still keeps the citizens of Electric Avenue happy.

Save the World  Visit different parts of the world to determine which method of energy production is most efficient in varying environments.

Energy Facts - information on renewable and non-renewable energy sources - from the U.S. Department of Energy

Energy Quest   A site by the California Energy Commission which includes many topics on energy including conservation, safety and alternative sources. The Energy Story section is very relevant.

Energy and Fossil Fuels: an introduction - from EcoKids

How Energy Efficient Are You? from EcoKids

Energy Quiz from EcoKids

World Energy Facts from EcoKids

Fossil Fuels from EcoKids

FPL for Kids - a web site for energy education by Florida Power and Light

Basic Elements - Fuel for the Future - a ThinkQuest web site - "This web site will demonstrate the different kinds of alternative energy sources and the science behind them."

Forces Acting on Structures and Mechanisms

Teachers!  Link to lesson plans and activities on this topic.

Super Bridge (from NOVA Online)  How would you span a freeway? A canyon? A river? Or an ocean waterway? Learn about the four major types of bridges and then test your knowledge by matching the right bridge to the right location.
Try a  web-based student learning activity based on this web site.  

Forces of Wonder Watch Stronginski, the resident strong man, demonstrate his uncanny ability to crush and deform a variety of materials and structures.

Build a Tipi! In this Science Alberta Foundation resource, a young First Nations girl explains the steps involved in erecting a Cree tipi. With the girl’s coaching, students select materials, place poles, and insert stakes leading to the completion of the tipi.

Pulley System  An interactive demonstration of pulleys. 
Try a web-based student learning activity based on this web site.  

The Science of Cycling  There are good diagrams and illustrations of the parts of the bicycle and how they work. 

Simple Machines - Learn about simple and compound machines while you explore the House and Tool Shed! - from Edheads


Teachers!  Link to lesson plans and activities on this topic.

  -based student learning activities  Weather Wise ; The Elements of Weather, Measuring Weather, Clouds, Forecasting

Math Hunt Game - Extreme Weather  - visit five web sites about nature's wildest weather. At each stop, use the facts you find to solve a math question.  (from Scholastaic)

Windward! - Outsmart the weather in a race around the world! Are you up for the challenge?

Droplet and the Water Cycle - an on-line game!  "Avoid pitfalls and predators while you navigate through several challenging levels of the hydrological cycle." 

Water Cycle - from the US Geological Survey 

The Water Cycle - an animated and narrated diagram (using Shockwave)

Mr. McCloud's Cloud Quiz - from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Cloud Types - provides information about the 4 main cloud groups and the cloud types associated with them

What is Weather?  - from BBC Schools - designed for a lower elementary grade but  presents good information about the elements of weather; wind direction, wind force, precipitation, temperature, sunshine, visibility, and clouds

Edheads Weather Activities - learn to report and predict the weather

PSC Weather Center - includes tutorials on clouds and the role of the sun in affecting weather, as well as weather maps

Basic Weather Discussion - from the National Weather Service in Kentucky, USA - includes explanations of pressure systems and fronts

Online Meteorology Guide is a "collection of web-based instructional modules. They incorporate text, colorful diagrams, animations, computer simulations, audio and video to introduce fundamental concepts in the atmospheric sciences."

Fronts: the boundaries between air masses - a specific tutorial from the above web site

Weather Wizardry - a ThinkQuest student project - Precipitation, Clouds, Wind, Forecasting, Disasters

Weather Dude - a weather education site especially for kids, parents and teachers from TV meteorologist Nick Walker

Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page  A web site created by a television station's chief meteorologist for kids between 6 and 16 years old.

Franklin's Forecast   In 1735, "Poor Richard," aka Ben Franklin, wrote: "Some are weatherwise, some are otherwise." With "Franklin's Forecast," you can build your own weather station, learn about today's sophisticated weather technologies, and check the weather right now. Don't be otherwise. Be weatherwise!

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