Grade 1 Science and Technology

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Characteristics and Needs of Living Things

Growing Plants - from BBC Schools - Experiment with the basic needs of plants.

EekoWorld - from PBS Kids - Try the EekoCreature and Plant & Animals sections.

Sense-ational - try the Making Sense and Sensational Sue sections to learn about your 5 senses 

Tickle the Toes - Look at pictures of  toes (or fingers) and try to guess the animal.  A scrambled picture puzzle is also included, along with lots of pictures and information about the animal.  (the reading level of the information is above grade 1)

Characteristics of Objects and Properties of Materials

Grouping Materials - from BBC Schools

Sorting and Using Materials - from BBC Schools - test materials to see if they are waterproof and/or bendy

Characteristics of Materials  from BBC Schools - students can test properties (waterproof, flexibility, transparency, strength) of different materials

Energy in Our Lives

Energy Connect-The-Dots -- The Earth's Main Source of Energy - Connect the dots by pointing at the numbers in order.

Everyday Structures

Everyday Structures - learn about structures around you.  This was site was designed to specifically address the Ontario Gr. 1 curriculum.

Daily and Seasonal Cycles

Dress Caillou - Check the weather and then dress Caillou in the correct clothes. 

What's the Weather? - Cold, hot, warm, cool, what does the temperature mean to you? Come help our bear decide what to wear!
(Click on "What's the Weather?" on the left side of the page.)