Aspects of Government in Canada

Government Responsibilities

- identify the connections among the three levels of government
- identify services provided by the federal government
- research ways in which the three levels of government work together (e.g., in responding to natural disasters). 

A Link to Learning web-based student learning activity

This activity uses the Government in Canada section of the CanadaInfo web site.


Use the information presented on this web page to complete the chart.

Level of Government Responsibilities



















Visit the CBC Archives and go to the Disasters and Tragedies section.

Choose one of the following natural disasters;
The Saguenay Flood, The Ice Storm of 1998, The Wrath of Hurricane Hazel, or Red River Rising: Manitoba Floods.

View the video clips and summarize the various levels of governments' roles in dealing with the disaster.
(Create your own organizer to present your information.)