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These web-based student learning activities are based on the Ontario curriculum and are formatted to be "printer -friendly" so they can be used as recording sheets by students as well as providing direct links to the web pages.
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 Aspects of Government in Canada

Grade 5 Social Studies

The Federal Government    (available as a Word document,  federal2.doc)
Learn about the components of the federal government.

Government Responsibilities   (available as a Word document,  responsibilities.doc)
What are the responsibilities of the 3 levels of government?  How would they cooperate when dealing with a natural disaster?

What services does the federal government provide?  Use a web site that will inform you and then try an on-line quiz to test your knowledge.

Rights and Responsibilities        (available as a Word document,  rights.doc)
Canadian citizens are guaranteed certain rights.  Along with those come responsibilities.  Find out about both.

Citizenship        (available as a Word document,  citizenship.doc)
How do immigrants apply for citizenship and become Canadian citizens.  Learn about who is eligible and the steps to follow.

Early Prime Ministers        (available as a Word document,  pm.doc)
Try a "scavenger hunt" through a web site about Canadian prime ministers.

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