Aspects of Government in Canada


- describe how immigrants apply for citizenship and become Canadian citizens

A Link to Learning web-based student learning activity

Read about How to Become a Canadian Citizen from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada web site.

1. Identify these statements as True or False;

To apply to become a Canadian citizen, an adult must;

Know both French and English            __________                   

Have lived in Canada for at least three years            __________

Learn about Canada        __________

Have a job        __________

2. The web site states that you must be 18 to apply for Canadian citizenship.  So how do children become Canadian citizens?



3. There are 6 steps for an adult immigrant to follow to become a Canadian citizen.  Put these in the correct order.

Step Number

  Complete the application form and attach the necessary documents.
  Take the Oath of Citizenship.
  Make sure you have the right application form.
  Get ready. (prepare for your citizenship test)
  Read the "Application for Citizenship" form before you fill it out.
  Mail the form in the envelope provided.

4. Try 2 on-line quizzes containing questions from the official Citizenship test.

Citizenship Test 1   Your score:  _____/10                      Citizenship Test 2     Your score: _____/10