Geometry and Spatial Sense

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Virtual Manipulatives -  interactive activities complete with lesson plans for teachers (Primary, Junior, Intermediate)

A+ Math Flashcards
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division ,Rounding, Area, Square Root, Algebra, Fraction Inequalities, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division with Negative Numbers, Inequalities, Reducing Fractions, Multiplying and Reducing Fractions, Money, Geometric Shapes Learn your geometric terms!   (Primary, Junior, Intermediate)

Harcourt Brace Math Activities and Games - Click a grade (K-8) for interactive math puzzles, games, activities. Some examples include Multiplication Mystery, Patterns for Solid Figures, Dr. Gee's 3-D Lab, Math Matching, etc.  Shockwave required.   (Primary, Junior, Intermediate)

Investigating Tessellations Using Activity Pattern Blocks  The on-line student activity is the Pattern Program.  "This program consists of a panel where you can drag in four different types of shapes of nicely fitting sizes -- pattern blocks or manipulatives. Once inside the panel you can rotate them and move them.(Primary/Junior)

Tangram Java Puzzle  To play you simply need to rearrange the seven forms to exactly reproduce the given image."  (Primary/Junior)

Cyberchase Tangram Game - from PBS

Shape Match - a 'concentration'-type game to identify 2D shapes and colours (Primary)

Cyberchase Games - from PBS (Junior)

ReviseWise Maths - Shape and Space - from BBC Education.  Practise and test your skills and knowledge. (Junior)

Exploring Geometric Solids and Their Properties - includes; "Getting to Know the Shapes, Study the Shapes, Look for Patterns, Construct a Solid, Make a Jacket (Net)         (Junior)

Polygons - a 'concentration'-type game to identify 2D shapes  (Junior)

3D Shapes - a 'concentration'-type game identifying 3 dimensional solids (Junior, Intermediate)

Geometry 3-D Shapes - an interactive Web site where you can learn about three-dimensional shapes, calculate surface area and volume, and discover some of the mathematical properties of shapes. (Junior/Intermediate)

Solid Figures - an interactive activity to name 3 dimensional solids based on their front, side and top views.

Angle Estimation - a 'concentration'-type game matching angles and their approximate angle measurement (Junior, Intermediate)

Project Interactivate - Activities that Practice Geometry and Measurement Concepts - The activities are designed for either group or individual exploration for topics such as basic notions of lines, rays and planes, working with tessellations, fractals. The activities are Java applets and as such require a java-capable browser. (Junior/Intermediate)

Tessellation Tutorials Tutorials and templates for making your own tessellations using ClarisWorks or HyperStudio.  (Junior/Intermediate)

Kali is a tiling activity that lets you draw (on-line) symmetrical patterns based on any of 17 wallpaper groups, as well as several frieze and rosette groups. (Junior/Intermediate)


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