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Interesting Things for ESL /EFL Students (Fun English Study)

A World of ESL Resources

ESL Activities Online - try the Grammar Central, Crazy English, Terrible Teacher, and the Flashed ESL sections.

Canadian Corner of the ESL Activities Online website

English Vocabulary - move your mouse over a picture and its name is displayed and spoken

Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun

Digby Mole's Word Activities - First sounds, end sound, rhymes

Drag and Spell - Drag a vowel sound into the slot to spell a word correctly.

Wall of Words - Construct simple sentences (5 or 7 words) to build a wall.

Reggie the Rhyming Rhino - find the rhyming words

Vocabulary Quizzes with Pictures - nouns, verbs, adjectives

Scrambled Sentences - Conversation questions - Put words in the correct order .

Word Based Games for ESL students - Matching quizzes, concentration games of word pairs, spelling games

English Pronunciation Practice - Listen to a pair of words that sound almost the same and then test yourself.  (minimal pairs - words that have exactly the same pronunciation except for one sound)