About This Site

Who created this site?
Kevin McAsh, Vision Resource Teacher with the York Region District School Board. 
This site is a personal endeavour and not affiliated with the Board.
To contact me, please refer to the Contact  page.

What's the purpose of this site?

The goal of this site is to provide Internet links appropriate for student use in the study of the Ontario curriculum.
Relation to the curriculum, accuracy of information, and grade-appropriate reading level are the primary selection criteria.
While I do my best to make sure links are accurate and the sites are appropriate, I do not accept responsibility for the content of the sites listed here.

What won't be found at this site?
Advertisements - Even though this site has a .com identity, it is not a commercial site. 
I won't include links to sites with banner advertising that is inappropriate for children.
In the Student section, lesson plans and instructional strategies for teachers will usually not be included. You can look for these in the Lesson Plans and Teaching Ideas section. That section is far from a comprehensive listing since my current priority is to find sites for student use.

How often is this site updated?
It varies, but on the home page you can see the date of the most recent update.

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