A Changing Society

Women, Work and Unions

- demonstrate an understanding of how the industrial revolution changed Canadian society
- identify and demonstrate an understanding of major developments that affected the working conditions of Canadian workers
- demonstrate an understanding of the changing role of women in Canadian society

  A Link to Learning web-based student learning activity

This activity is based on the web site, The Cradle of Collective Bargaining: History of Labour and Technology in Hamilton and District.

Enter the site and then click on the Essays link.
Select Women, Work and Unions

Read the entire essay and then click on the Ready for a Quiz link.

Record your answers to the questions below.  Do NOT click on the answers within the web site.  The links do not work.

1. Women who worked outside of the home: ________________________________________


2. Women could find jobs: _______________________________________________________


3. The majority of women earning a wage outside of the home prior to World War I were:


4. Women were hired for industrial jobs that were previously closed to them when:


5. Women's groups encouraged the labour movement to consider these issues: