British North America
The War of 1812 - Review Quiz
'Militiaman Level'

- describe the major causes and personalities of the War of 1812
- describe the impact of the War of 1812 on the development of Canada

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This activity is based on the ThinkQuest website;
The answers to all the quiz questions can be found in the Explore History section.

As you try the Militiamen level of the QUIZ,
record your answers below.

1. Which were the two opposing powers in the War of 1812? ____________________________

2. Where did the War of 1812 take place? ___________________________________________

3. The war started in the year __________ and ended in the year __________.

4. Which was a battle of the War of 1812? ___________________________________________

5. The War of 1812 was caused mainly by the conflict over _______________________________ .

6. The last battle of the War of 1812 was ____________________________________________ .

7. In 1814, peace was sealed through the Treaty of ________________________ .

8. Who was the President of the United Sates during the War of 1812? ________________________

9. In 1812, trained soldiers (American) were known as __________________________________ .

10. Who ended up with most land gains after the War of 1812? ______________________________